Zeroing in on energy

When zero equals more: Planned buildings expected to make as much energy, or more, than they burn By David Quick  /  Sep 3, 2017 Updated Sep 3, 2017 Green building templates Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or commonly known as LEED, is a rating system devised by [...]

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Photovoltaic solar panels

Photovoltaic systems are rampantly being installed across the U.S. Chicago became the epicenter for LEED-certified buildings more than a decade ago with the opening of the Chicago Center for Green Technology and now has the most LEED-certified projects in the U.S . Photovoltaic systems are the most popular installation among homeowners, and California stands as [...]

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2014 Winning Home design showcases solar and LEED principles

July 17, 2014 The European Solar Decathlon award went to a Home design that realized that reusing is more sustainable than rebuilding. It featured • Passive and active solar elements photovoltaics) • LED electrical lighting throughout • Heat/Fresh air exchanger • Water reclamation and low-flush LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council is awarded [...]

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