Vastu Shastra

vastra-house_exterior-300x192“Vastu” in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit means “energy” or “that which is imperishable”, an adjective that we would gladly use for our home. Indeed, two of the vital functions of a home would be to nurture and shelter us. A home is a place that should protect us from the harsh exterior world and rejuvenate us.

“Vāstu” comes from the same culture that brought us Yoga and Āyurveda. Vāstu can be considered as the yoga of design, and strives to bring balance, health, harmony, order, and unity to the space around us. Meditation gives us the experience of pure consciousness; Vāstu enhances this and connects us with the source through proper design. Vāstu creates healthy buildings that profoundly affect our health, happiness, and prosperity ultimately, the health of our environment.

Vāstu Shastra is an ancient science of construction and architecture with precepts borne out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings. This ancient science recognizes that the five essential elements: earth, air, fire, water, and space are energetically linked with particular directions. Earth is associated with the southwest; Air, the northwest; Fire, the southeast; and Water, the northeast. The fifth element of Space, which is considered the embodiment of expansiveness, is central to the architectural form of any building.

house-interior-vastu-shastra-300x226One of our clients asked us to design and build for them a home that was in agreement with Vāstu Shastra doctrines. Our creative design team was more than happy to take on this challenge and started doing some research of their own. Imagine our surprise when we found out that this ancient building science aligned with some of our core philosophies!

Amerisips EcoShellsTM and Free energy LivingTM are harmonious with the principles of Vāstu Shastra. Embracing the radiant solar energy and providing a healthy air quality are two of the core considerations that are fundamental to the design and development of our energy efficient homes. In Vāstu shastra, as well as in feng shui, the focus is on human well-being, which can only be achieved when we ensure the universal flow of energy and harmony with nature.

Our Architectural Building & Design ScienceTM group believes in creating a healthy world by incorporating cutting edge building science into the design and development of your home, but at the same time, ensuring harmony with the environment outside. We strive to create integrated ecological systems that can be scaled to any environment. We wanted to share with you that our design and construction principles now have a historical precedent in Vāstu Shastra. We would like to say svāgatam (welcome) and invite you to join us in exploring a new way of living, in harmony.

Acknowledgements: Components of the above content were selected from the research and writings of Sherri Silverman. We also wish to thank our client for his time and contributions to this article.

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