The New Net Zero Homes

newnetzeroThinking of getting off the grid or just significantly cutting your energy use? A new book by architect William Maclay outlines how to do just that.

His new book, “The New Net Zero: Leading-Edge Design and Construction of Homes and Buildings for a Renewable Energy Future” is comprised of detailed architectural drawings and impressive charts to show that net-zero-energy buildings (those that make as much or more energy than they consume) not only offers long-term advantages for the planet, but can also save their owners money from the start.

Within the 576 pages of his book, you will not find a single strategy for getting to net zero, but an à la carte menu of technologies and inspirations, including a generous number of examples conceived by other firms and examples of homes from Vermont to Boston, and Utah. This should be required reading for anyone considering building a new home. Education is your best friend!

Our “Free Energy Living”sm tagline adheres to the same principles of reaching beyond the hefty consumption of the traditional built homes and re-inventing the paradigm.  Read the full article and interview from the New York Times here, and then explore our site to see how we can help build the future, together.

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