The Cost of Ownership 2018-01-31T12:45:24+00:00

We design and build to the client’s budget and our focus is concentrated on the client’s “total cost of ownership” including utility bills, exterior maintenance and insurance costs.

Insulsteel’s financial planning tool assists clients in planning and managing their Total Cost of Ownership and is highly valued by mortgage bankers in credit evaluation during the application process.


Insulsteel’s EcoShell homes are designed to fit each client’s budget ($600,000 to $2.5 million)

  • Unnecessarily high utility bills

  • Seasonal discomfort

  • Poorly managed interior moisture levels that can lead to musty smells, mold and dust mites

  • Epidemic levels of health problems

  • Widespread thermal defects

  • High indoor noise levels

  • Window condensation

  • Excessive bugs

  • High levels of dust

  • Ice dams in winter and uneven peeling paint

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