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Did you see our most recent ad?

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For two years, Insulsteel has won the U.S. Department of Energy’s prestigious “Housing Innovation Award” for the most innovate and energy efficient homes. Insulsteel is a U.S. Department of Energy top 1% of U.S. home builders. We build exclusively in the greater Charleston area.

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 Insulsteel’s EcoShell 

Lives Better. Works Better. Lasts Longer.


Insulsteel uses the innovative EcoShell™ technology to efficiently build homes of all sizes delivering unmatched comfort and incomparable cost savings.

With out patented EcoShell technology your home can be designed to be energy efficient from the ground up. EcoShell integrates structural composite material technology and offsite panel fabrication that significantly reduces the total cost of building ownership. EcoShells are also designed to “Zero Energy Standards” and built to withstand seismic forces and hurricane winds up to 220 MPH. Additionally, Insulsteel builds 2,500 – 3,000 sq. ft. homes with electric bills as little as $150 to $300 annually.

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We have you covered from “A” to “Z”

From “A” in air quality to “Z” in ZERO Energy Design

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Air Quality

One of our founding principles is healthy indoor air. This means careful moisture management and a high rate of ventilation. Amazingly, increasing air exchanges per hour, a very low cost intervention, can reduce transmission of illness up to 90% and dramatically reduces exposure to indoor pollutants. Additionally, instead of expensive air cleaners, we simply keep pollutants out in the first place so both kids and adults can breathe clean pollutant free air.

An established healthy building’s greatest risk are items carried into it – cleaning products, weed and critter control products, etc. We recommend flame-retardant-free millwork and furniture where possible, and always use spec low- or zero-VOC materials.

EcoShell’s InsulAIRE system improves indoor air quality an essential element in healthy livability of modern-day homes. The EcoShell integrates micro filtration; continuous fresh air exchange and UV light filtration technologies to achieve EPA Indoor airPLUS certification.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Total Cost of Ownership

We design and build to the client’s budget and our focus is concentrated on the client’s “total cost of ownership” including utility bills, exterior maintenance and insurance costs.

    First Cost is what you pay for your home up front: land cost, architects, engineers, financing, interior design and your pre-construction costs.

    A lot of money is wasted in building a house. It takes about 150 trees to build a traditional stick frame house, then all of the lumber that doesn’t go into the construction of the home ends up in a landfill which is a huge waste of wood and equally bad for the environment.

    We have products with warranties up to 25 years against maintenance which allows you to have more peace of mind with your home appliances and products.

    We buy building materials straight from the Manufacturer which saves you money. Since the product is shipped straight from the manufacturer to your jobsite which saves you another cost of labor. We compete with custom builders…with a better product.

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Safe Structure

Superior structural integrity for reduced wind, water, insect, and fire damage.

Insulsteel buildings are made of light gauge steel (LGS), EPS insulated panels, and cold formed steel (CSF) panelized trusses and interior walls. These materials provide significant improvements over traditional lumbar and masonry block construction.

Historically, buildings constructed of lumber have critical weak points. Wood:

  • deteriorates, especially in the presence of moisture;
  • is susceptible to wood boring insect infestations;
  • is quickly destabilized or destroyed in high winds (hurricanes and tornados)
  • is highly flammable.

Insulsteel buildings are made of light gauge steel, pre-formed EPS insulated panels and cold formed steel panelized trusses and interior walls, providing superior structural integrity for reduced storm, water, insect and fire damage.

Insulsteel buildings:

  • Are wind rated to 170 – 200 MPH
  • Will not deteriorate over time
  • Are resistant to terminates, ants and other wood boring insects
  • Have a two-hour non-combustible fire rating when used with Magnesium Oxide (MGO) skins

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Zero-energy Design

Insulsteel’s Zero Energy Ready homes combine energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced onsite through renewable resources over a specified time period.

Insulsteel is a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home®  partner. Our Zero Energy Ready homes are built with high performance insulated (EPS) panel building enclosures that provide an airtight interior as the first phase in reducing energy demand of the building. Other benefits include:

  • S. Green Building Council® LEED® Certified™ Platinum®
  • Up to 100% energy reduction (Free Energy
  • Mechanical systems that don’t have to work as hard
  • Less power required to heat and cool interior spaces
  • As low as 0 HERS rating (residential)
  • DOE ENERGY STAR® Partner