Solar Collectors

solar-thermal-solsticeSouth Carolina has laid the groundwork to significantly expand its use of solar.  There are no lofty renewable goals or thousands of megawatts of rooftop solar systems and farms under contract.  But the framework is there to loosen restrictions on net metering, create financing arrangements for solar panels and encourage utilities to add more solar to their electricity mix.

“Across the South, states like North Carolina and Georgia have already moved to take advantage of local, affordable solar power, and this compromise legislation is what South Carolinians have been waiting for,” said Katie Ottenweller, leader of Southern Environmental Law Center’s Solar Initiative, in a statement. “With smart, forward-looking policies in place, the state’s solar market can and will grow rapidly, bringing enormous benefits to the people of South Carolina.”

A new bill amends a 2013 measure (S.B. 536) that would open the door for solar companies, such as SunRun and SolarCity, to sell solar panels as well as the electricity at a fixed rate over a 10- or 20-year time frame. Doing so would let a homeowner or business finance the panels and alleviate pricey upfront costs, making solar more economical right away.

Here South Carolina Electric & Gas installed a 2.6 MW solar farm at Boeing’s manufacturing facility in 2011. The utility also plans to add a total of 20 MW of solar energy from large-scale solar farms over the next three years, significantly boosting the utility’s solar output.

At Insulsteel, we first design the home with solar optimization in mind.  We perform a Sun Study of your property and home to locate the best placement to leverage your investment towards Free Energy Livingsm.  Once your home is constructed with our airtight SIPs envelope, we install High Performance Systems to take full advantage of the solar thermal and solar hydronics.  We are most likely the only design and construction company in Charleston who designs and constructs your new home with planned integration and execution excellence.

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