Is That Resale worth the price?

hers-amerisips-chartMany people look to save money while buying a new home. Its human nature to try to obtain the best value for your spending dollar.  And on the outside, and even after the engineering inspection, the home may appear a good deal…but is it really?

Let’s consider that you and your growing family will most likely live in that home for the average time period of 10-15 years..maybe longer.

If it is an older home, it may or may not have had a blower test to test for air leakages.  Blower door testing helps identify key issues with air sealing details.

The blower door is a powerful tool to help builders and homeowners identify specific leakage areas. It is a tool that provides details in the thermal shell of homes. It is a tool that helps improve quality in the performance of the home’s thermal shell and by not requiring the use of this tool we dramatically decrease the purpose of HERS ratings. A home that has not been tested in said to have a default value of 100.  Many older homes have a significantly higher number (a lower number is very desirable).  Defaults do not lead to better homes.  Homes that are not tested or have high HERS ratings will not meet the standards of efficiency,comfort, and durability that we achieve. These homes will be leakier, less comfortable, more polluted, and less durable than they otherwise could be.  The owner will pay more for air conditioning and heat, allow more dampness into the home (building mildew and mold within the walls).  Over the course of home ownership, the ‘good deal’ turns into an expensive proposition financially, as well as influencing the health of the family.

A traditional stick built house may be your worst nightmare.  We build with Structures Insulated Panels throughout your home.  Our building envelope is so tight, a HERs rating of 0-10 is not unheard of for our homes.  “0” represents a “net zero energy” goal attainment.  Our air quality is so good, we earn the AirPlus certification by the EPA, as well as LEED certification.

So let’s re-visit the resale quest.  If you knew you could buy and live in a healthy home that saved you on your energy bills through it’s lifetime.  And the build timeframe was equivalent to the purchase of a resale, you have to be asking yourself, if that resale is really worth the price.

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