Holiday Tidings and Gratitude

xmas-2014As we enter the Christmas holidays I feel compelled to remind our employees and associates that we should remember our clients, their families, friends, and neighbors in our thoughts and prayers during this holiday season.

It is our client’s faith and trust in us that allows us to earn a living for our families…they make it possible for us to put food on the table, educate our children and even buy presents for our friends and families while building a superior home for our clients to enjoy for the decades to come.

Some of our clients have had setbacks that would challenge even the strongest of us yet they continue to strive to design and build the home of their dreams.

Every one of our clients is unique and special. As an example, because of the SIPs construction and the extraordinary talents of one if our architects, we are able to design and build a “Vastu” energy efficient home that meets the family’s lifestyle and embodies their ancestral culture.

Other clients are ‘Boomers’ that are downsizing their home to prepare for their retirement in a lower cost, healthier home environment.

We have been offered great opportunities and we will continue to work with care and compassion to earn the trust that has been granted to us by our valued clients and friends.

Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year from our thankful Amerisips Team.

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