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EcoShell Energy + Environmental Solutions

Whole House Energy + Environmental Solutions Start With the EcoShell Building Enclosure.

The EcoShell high performance building enclosure standards are focused on technology innovation in building methodology in four critical areas;

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Structural Integrity

Total Cost of Building Ownership

Zero Energy Design. 

Do you know what’s really in your indoor air?

InsulAire™ protects your home from harmful bacteria and particles.

  • Captures particles as small as 0.3 microns (MERV 13) efficiently and cost effectively
  • Advanced multistage system combining MERV 13 filtration, UV disinfection and PCO odor reduction.
  • High performance germicidal UV light systems for airstream and interior HVAC surface disinfection.
  • Designed for the reduction of odors and breakdown of microscopic organics using two bands of UV and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO).
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Energy Management Solutions

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In 2015, Insulsteel, working with Shealy Electric, developed a 200 AMP, state-of-the-art, off the grid, solar powered standby power system that operates off the grid for an extended time.

The system was installed on Insulsteel’s recent submission to the Department of Energy for a home innovation award for the use of lithium batteries.

  The system has performed flawlessly since installation and is a beacon of the future in residential off the grid

electrical power systems.

  The total system cost, without use solar panels, is approximately $20,000, less state and federal tax credits totaling


  Insulsteel’s cost per amp is significantly below the cost of the recently announced Tesla Powerwall system.

Structural Integrity 

The EcoShell is designed and engineered to meet Level F seismic forces and high wind conditions up to 200 mph; experienced during tornados and coastal hurricanes. A 4,000 sq. ft. EcoShell demonstrated superior structural integrity during a tornado that was a direct hit in a neighborhood in the Charleston, SC in 2015. The tornado, accompanied by torrential rains, received no structural damage, while neighboring homes in the “eye of the storm” were totally destroyed.

Total Low Cost of Building Ownership 

Insulsteel’s State-of-the-Art technology reduces construction process reduces Total Cost of Ownership for building owners by eliminating waste and increasing efficiencies.

*Ask about our mortgage calculator 

No Waste

In the traditional construction process, 25% to 35% of building materials are wasted during construction. The cost of this waste is paid for by the homeowner. Insulsteel buildings are pre-constructed in the factory to exact specifications. This eliminates on-site construction mistakes and waste. Insulsteel’s component materials are 100% recyclable.

Reduced Distribution Costs

In the traditional construction process, the cost of getting materials to the job site is less than 25% efficient (75% waste) as small quantities of materials make up the majority of local shipments.

Automated Processes

Insulsteel’s automated manufacturing reduces labor costs and project completion timeline.

• LGS and CFS insulated panels are lightweight, strong, and easy to install, reducing labor costs.

• Floor and roof trusses are pre-assembled for fast onsite installation.

• Short project lifecycles reduce construction loan interest.

• No onsite material cutting or adjustments are necessary, eliminating waste.