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Insulsteel’s InsulAire™ system is a highly insulated, airtight building enclosure that prevents outdoor pollutants from contaminating indoor air.

Health effects of poor indoor air quality can show up immediately, or they can take years to manifest. The effects of exposure to airborne pollutants range from minor irritation of eyes, nose, and throat to debilitating conditions such as heart disease, respiratory disease, and cancer. Indoor air quality is a critical component in the overall health and well being of a home’s inhabitants, especially those with chronic respiratory conditions.

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Living in the Lowcountry means living with the dangers of hurricanes and tornadoes. Our EcoShell is designed to withstand winds up to 200mph…keeping you and your family safer in the Eye of The Storm.  Integrated steel structure lasts longer & protects against termites and mold.

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We design and build to the client’s budget. Our focus is concentrated on the client’s “total cost of ownership” including utility bills, exterior maintenance and insurance costs.

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Zero Energy Design is defined as harvesting renewable energy from the sun and other natural resources, and recycling energy from our high performance mechanical systems that manage the interior environment of your home. Federal & state tax credits lower total system cost.

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Our EcoShell buildings meet and exceed national performance standards established by the DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes; USGBC LEED Platinum; and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for Indoor Air Quality, WaterSense® and Energy Star®.

EPS is water resistant and recyclable

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The Right Process. The Right Solution.

Our EcoShell building science innovation strategy is defined as an “end to end” solution for significantly reducing energy demand, while at the same time, improving indoor air quality (IAQ), the lowest cost/most economical investment in green building.

Less Waste. No Landfill.

The Insulsteel EcoShell is extremely environmentally friendly. Landfill cost and waste are virtually a thing of the past. EcoShell construction results in 25-30% reduction in landfill waste; therefore, reducing fees. Insulsteel component materials are also 100% recyclable.

One. Stop. Shop.

If needed, our team will help you find the perfect place to build your custom home based on your needs. Then, meet with Insulsteel’s Ecoshell Design Team to design your dream home with maximum energy efficiency.

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