Zeroing in on energy

When zero equals more: Planned buildings expected to make as much energy, or more, than they burn By David Quick  /  Sep 3, 2017 Updated Sep 3, 2017 Green building templates Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or commonly known as LEED, is a rating system devised by [...]

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The Compelling Reason to Build your Home with Solar Panels

South Carolina’s electricity prices have increased 37% in the past five years, and that number may go up with the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed guidelines to slash carbon emissions from S.C. power plants, according to electricity cooperatives. The proposed EPA guidelines, which were announced in early June, would require states to reduce carbon emission rates [...]

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Solar Homes are a reality in Charleston

Homebuilders and industry experts say the number of newly constructed homes with a solar energy system pre-installed is surging, from a few hundred units a decade ago to tens of thousands of units entering the market today.  Amerisips Homes is by far the most prolific builder of homes using the sun to substantially cut high [...]

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Solar Collectors

South Carolina has laid the groundwork to significantly expand its use of solar.  There are no lofty renewable goals or thousands of megawatts of rooftop solar systems and farms under contract.  But the framework is there to loosen restrictions on net metering, create financing arrangements for solar panels and encourage utilities to add more solar [...]

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Solar Panels

"Gary and Debbie Sweet, looking for information about putting solar panels on their house, attended a recent meeting in Manchester organized by state energy officials, bankers and solar installers. Sweet, an architect, said solar panels could slash his electricity costs. "It doesn't cost me anything. Why not?" he said. The cost to homeowners is significantly [...]

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How Much Are Solar Panels?

Wrong Question. Ask How Much Solar Panels Can Save You Originally published on Cost Of Solar. OK, it’s true, How Much Are Solar Panels? can be a useful question. But, really, this question is largely of minimal importance today. Either through $0 down loans or 3rd-party-ownership models that let you lease a solar power system [...]

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