Zeroing in on energy

When zero equals more: Planned buildings expected to make as much energy, or more, than they burn By David Quick  /  Sep 3, 2017 Updated Sep 3, 2017 Green building templates Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or commonly known as LEED, is a rating system devised by [...]

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Green Living with Solar Photovoltaics in the U.S.

Chicago became the epicenter for LEED-certified buildings more than a decade ago with the opening of the Chicago Center for Green Technology and now has the most LEED-certified projects in the U.S . Photovoltaic systems are the most popular installation among homeowners, and California stands as the top state for solar energy.  The Convention Center [...]

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How Green is taking the Commercial market by storm

"Green” seems to be overtaking the market by force in most cities.  Adoption of green standards in the U.S. has increased significantly since 2005. During that time, the adoption of Energy Star for office buildings increased to more than 10% of the market and the proportion of buildings that are LEED (Leadership in Energy and [...]

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Sustainable Gardens & Living

“A sustainable garden works in harmony with nature" Plant trees, which will cool your home in the summer and help store carbon from the atmosphere in the soil Grow your own food in order to reduce the distance your food travels before it arrives in your kitchen. Compost in order to feed your garden while [...]

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Do Green Homes Really Deliver?

New Study Shows Likes & Dislikes GuildQuality, a leading provider of customer satisfaction surveying for the residential building industry, recently conducted a national survey of homeowners who purchased a National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certified green home built within the past three years. The study, commissioned by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) aimed [...]

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50 Shades of Green

There must be 50 shades of "Green"... all trying to tell you about how energy efficient they are.  But there is a Better Shade of Green"...and that's what we use to build our homes. The photo on the left is the interior of our latest Structured Insulated Panel Eco-Shell home.  The interior walls are constructed [...]

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Greenbuilt Excitement

The following is published on the website.  We found this so informative, we thought we'd share it again here. "The Speakers Alongside the two big political stars who delivered keynote addresses – former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and statistician Nate Silver – Greenbuild’s Master Series of lectures featured architect Edward Mazria, who announced the official launch of [...]

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