An Outdated Real Estate Model that Does NOT Equal Value

Panel-house-roof-installCost per square foot…. We’ve all heard it and perhaps even used it ourselves. But what does that really mean to a buyer?

  • It means you are placing a purchase value on space rather than the quality of the space you are purchasing.
  • It means you are omitting the qualities desirable for you and your family – clean air, a structurally sound home, a well-insulated home, a home that is energy conscious to save you $ to put towards your kid’s education or a sailboat for yourself!
  • It means nothing.

In the past, we’ve all used it to give us an indication of what we are intending to purchase, compared to other homes (not even apples to apples).

Thus, if you compare a home that is not broken… an environmentally and structurally sound home such as the ones built by Amerisips in Charleston, against a typically ‘broken’ home (stick built, modular, or even ICF with stick roof and flooring), you have lost all elements of value.

Why do I describe traditional construction as ‘broken’? Because it is inherently so. For details, refer to our prior article on the broken home model.

Let’s try a new paradigm. Instead of representing air within a structure costs based upon its relative size, let’s assess the actual home value that it offers you and your family in security, a healthy environment, hurricane resistance, mold/mildew resistant to provide clean air quality, and add to that the decreased build time, and you have a much more valuable home than a traditionally built home.

Really want to explore why you get so much more for your dollar? Let us show you the research and details behind it, and then let us show you how fast and easy it is to attain home value instead of settling.

Stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops many times are cosmetic lures. But you can have that and so much more to meet your budget. Because of solar energy use, you will receive tax credits and monthly savings in your energy bills.

We don’t design and build empty air space… we design and build quality….and every customer is created equal.

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