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Did you know…there are no public health standards for Indoor Air Quality in buildings?

One of our founding principles is healthy indoor air. This means careful moisture management and a high rate of ventilation. Amazingly, increasing air exchanges per hour, a very low cost intervention, can reduce transmission of illness up to 90% and dramatically reduces exposure to indoor pollutants. Additionally, instead of expensive air cleaners, we simply keep pollutants out in the first place so both kids and adults can breathe clean pollutant free air.

An established healthy building’s greatest risk are items carried into it – cleaning products, weed and critter control products, etc. We recommend flame-retardant-free millwork and furniture where possible, and always use spec low- or zero-VOC materials.

Insulsteel builds homes to Indoor AirPLUS construction specifications, which are certified by independent raters. The goal of EPA Indoor AirPLUS is to promote healthy indoor air conditions for the public, both in their homes and in indoor public spaces.

EcoShell’s InsulAIRE™ system

EcoShell’s InsulAIRE system improves indoor air quality an essential element in healthy livability of modern-day homes. The EcoShell integrates micro filtration; continuous fresh air exchange and UV light filtration technologies to achieve EPA Indoor airPLUS certification.

EcoShell homes features HVAC high velocity systems that recycle air, while micro-filtration and fresh air exchange systems protect inhabitants from allergens, mold, and moisture. The HVAC system also uses UV light filtration to kill airborne bacteria.