Affordable New Homes

small-solar-homeA report on the Housing Needs Assessment was just recently published for the Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments by the Charleston Zoning and Planning Departments.

A key finding cited the following:

  • “61% of the housing types in the region are single-family, detached; however, with this housing type may not be as desirable in the future.
  •  More affordable, alternative housing types such as townhouses, row houses, and apartments comprise only 27% of the region’s housing stock. This is not amenable to small household sizes or the renting population.”

Insulsteel believes all its clients are created equal.  This means that we will build a smaller home with equal quality as a larger home.  Just because your family does not need 3,000 sf, doesn’t mean your only option is an ‘off the shelf’ track home or townhouse.

Our high-performance homes utilize the latest technology and highest quality we can provide to deliver a home that meets your lifestyle and budget, and can deliver reduced costs through solar options.Why not buy a home that delivers reduced monthly costs?  Want to enjoy your home and leave a legacy?  A small ecological footprint, energy efficiency, and reduced power payments can deliver to you and your children for years to come.

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