A Note from Department of Energy Leader Sam Rashkin

Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect in the DOE’s Building Technologies Office, presents Amerisips Custom Innovation Award

Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect in the DOE’s Building Technologies Office, presents Amerisips the Custom Innovation Award

August 31, 2014

Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect for the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, named builders of Zero Energy Ready Challenge Homes in the top 1% of their industry by demonstrating their ability to meet extraordinary guidelines in energy-efficient building!  As a certified Zero Energy Ready Home Partner and Housing Innovation Award Winner (A national award given by the DOE), Amerisips is leading energy-efficient building like no other builder in the region.  In fact, An Amerisips home right here in the Charleston area recently became the first certified ZERH in the state of South Carolina!


Take a look at the below excerpt from Sam Rashkin’s August 2014 DOE Update for more details and remember—no other builder in the area has the certifications, awards and credentials to build you a custom, energy-efficient home like Amerisips!  If you’re interested in discussing plans for YOUR new home, email dail@amerisips.com today.

August 2014

A note from Sam Rashkin: It’s Summertime and the Recognition is Easy…

How would you feel if you were having a complicated medical procedure and knew your doctor was in the top 1 percent of his or her field? Incredibly relieved and confident might describe your emotions. In a similar fashion, purchasing a new home is a very stressful experience because it is so overwhelming and costly. That’s why building DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes™ is a really big deal. It puts builders in the top 1% of their industry by demonstrating they are able to meet extraordinary guidelines for performance set by a trusted authority, the U.S. Department of Energy. This additional assurance is a significant advantage in an industry where research shows that 1 out of 3 buyers don’t trust the builder.

One Label…Many Badges of Honor

DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes are distinguished by a single DOE label, but behind this label are many badges of honor our partners can leverage to their benefit. A great example is the comprehensive, “A to Z” indoor air quality (IAQ) package found in DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes. Each qualifying home now includes the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS (IAP) certification to deliver this level of IAQ. This update took effect with the most recent revision to the U.S. Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home National Program Requirements (Rev. 04) and provides builders with unparalleled value messages that resonate with consumers. During this revision DOE/EPA addressed other feedback from builders including the garage ventilation provision, which now includes alternative compliance paths.  So instead of saying “trust me” – our builders can point to the Indoor airPLUS certification to demonstrate their home’s thoughtful, systems-approach to a healthful indoor environment. The “IAP” label on these homes means a 3rd-party certified home which delivers a more comfortable living environment, reduced pollutants, and improved combustion safety. By building to the DOE Zero Energy Ready specifications, you’ve earned the ability to promote your homes using these labels!

For more information on the EPA Indoor airPLUS program, including becoming a partner and marketing materials, please visit http://www.epa.gov/indoorairplus/join_now.html.

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