50 Shades of Green

There must be 50 shades of “Green”… all trying to tell you about how energy efficient they are.  But there is a Better Shade of Green”…and that’s what we use to build our homes.

The photo on the left is the interior of our latest Structured Insulated Panel Eco-Shell home.  The interior walls are constructed with Magnesium Oxide panels with foam core.  Why is this better than stick and wallboard with insulation?   Because it is solid, and straight.  It is energy conserving with more integrated insulation that doesn’t fall or break down.  Termites, palmetto bugs, and other multi-legged creatures will not find the insulation attractive to breed, especially since it is treated with Borate which is safe.  There are no off-gases or VOCs omitted, so you truly have a healthy home – not one that just looks pretty.  And this interior board substantially eliminates allergies too because there is no place for mold to develop and grow inside your walls.

Pretty darn amazing, right?  I’ll bet you think you can’t afford a healthy home… we bet you can.  Visit us and we’ll show you how you can have a healthy home that is also so energy efficient it is LEED Certified by the U.S. Green Builder’s Council.

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