Lowes Shed made of Magnesium Oxide SIP Panels

Word about a good thing travels fast, and now, even Lowes has recognized the amazing value (superior strength, and not prone to mold, mildew, termite and fire, to name a few) and capability that is intrinsic in a MGO SIP structure by offering garden and tool sheds to the public.  Lowes customers can now purchase [...]

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Antique Framing for your Building Envelope?

  This building envelope is typical for Charleston, SC new homes: Very Leaky and Poorly Insulated. The building envelope is the single, greatest factor effecting a home's energy costs and comfort. Indoor air quality and other operating costs like maintenance and durability are directly dependent on the building envelope. It is the most permanent feature of a [...]

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Sustainable Gardens & Living

“A sustainable garden works in harmony with nature" Plant trees, which will cool your home in the summer and help store carbon from the atmosphere in the soil Grow your own food in order to reduce the distance your food travels before it arrives in your kitchen. Compost in order to feed your garden while [...]

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