Post & Courier reports on Energy Efficient New Homes

The Charleston Post & Courier newspaper covered a story on energy efficient homes, features and construction in the greater Charleston area.  Featured was Amerisips Building Sciences and the energy efficient approach & construction they undertake, which is far superior.  The article promoted local homebuilders who conserve costs and owners who buy into the alternative energy [...]

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Solar Collectors

South Carolina has laid the groundwork to significantly expand its use of solar.  There are no lofty renewable goals or thousands of megawatts of rooftop solar systems and farms under contract.  But the framework is there to loosen restrictions on net metering, create financing arrangements for solar panels and encourage utilities to add more solar [...]

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Is That Resale worth the price?

Many people look to save money while buying a new home. Its human nature to try to obtain the best value for your spending dollar.  And on the outside, and even after the engineering inspection, the home may appear a good deal...but is it really? Let's consider that you and your growing family will most [...]

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