Do Green Homes Really Deliver?

New Study Shows Likes & Dislikes GuildQuality, a leading provider of customer satisfaction surveying for the residential building industry, recently conducted a national survey of homeowners who purchased a National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certified green home built within the past three years. The study, commissioned by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) aimed [...]

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How Much Are Solar Panels?

Wrong Question. Ask How Much Solar Panels Can Save You Originally published on Cost Of Solar. OK, it’s true, How Much Are Solar Panels? can be a useful question. But, really, this question is largely of minimal importance today. Either through $0 down loans or 3rd-party-ownership models that let you lease a solar power system [...]

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Energy Efficient & Beautiful Lighting

For most home lighting, your choice boils down to three options, from most to least expensive: LEDs Fluorescents (including CFLs) Energy-efficient (halogen) incandescents, which meet the government’s new energy efficiency standards and aren’t being phased out. Related: Energy-efficient light bulbs are just one way to take back your energy bills. So how do you choose? [...]

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50 Shades of Green

There must be 50 shades of "Green"... all trying to tell you about how energy efficient they are.  But there is a Better Shade of Green"...and that's what we use to build our homes. The photo on the left is the interior of our latest Structured Insulated Panel Eco-Shell home.  The interior walls are constructed [...]

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Affordable New Homes

A report on the Housing Needs Assessment was just recently published for the Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments by the Charleston Zoning and Planning Departments. A key finding cited the following: "61% of the housing types in the region are single-family, detached; however, with this housing type may not be as desirable in the future.  More [...]

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