Starbucks and 7-11 Stores

 The residential use of SIPs is leaping beyond it's once believed boundary, and into the commercial sector. In the November/December issue of Commercial Construction & Renovation magazine, Premier SIPs Technical Manager Joe Pasma writes about the use of structural insulated panels (SIPs) in retail stores. The article mentions both 7-11 and Starbucks as forward-looking corporations [...]

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LEED pioneer Rob Watson explains that 'there are good buildings, and there are bad buildings' while speaking at a sustainability and design conference in Atlanta. "People still don't appreciate how important buildings are," Watson said Wednesday at the 16th annual Greenprints conference, where he delivered the keynote address. "We need to help people figure out [...]

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Greenbuilt Excitement

The following is published on the website.  We found this so informative, we thought we'd share it again here. "The Speakers Alongside the two big political stars who delivered keynote addresses – former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and statistician Nate Silver – Greenbuild’s Master Series of lectures featured architect Edward Mazria, who announced the official launch of [...]

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